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Is a brand that carries out clients’ technological transformation using suitable project methodology, with adequate IT services and solutions. Operates with both business and IT departments because, thanks to it, it can provide comprehensive support for the organization.


Activities are focused in areas


1. Productivity, that means technologies and services that positively influence the daily work and efficiency of all employees in the company..
An example of such activity may be moving the organization from the so-called technological debt (i.e. the state in which the organization uses the old Microsoft licenses and does not use the potential of the cloud) to the most effective technologies, e.g. Office 365 + Teams + jira. Productivity makes it possible to develop a strategy and implement it in an organization which, thanks to it, becomes more efficient and more effective.

2. Security, that means, technologies and services that protect against unwanted situations that may occur in the organization.
We are talking about not allowing sensitive data to be smuggled out by an employee or breaking into the internal network of the company, as well as hacking the websites. What is the security method? First of all, we implement technologies that prevent data leakage. In addition, we carry out penetration tests that detect gaps on websites. As a result, we can ensure no image, property or legal losses in the business of our clients.

3. Maintenance, that means technologies and services that positively influence the daily work of IT departments, allowing them to operate and maintain the entire IT infrastructure more efficiently and effectively.
An example of such a solution is the implementation of the ITSM system, that is helpdesk, which will allow to manage and handle the events related to the operation of the entire IT infrastructure. The IT processes organizing service (based on ITIL) will enable more effective work. The result is increased organization efficiency due to improvements in the field of information technology. Incorporating innovations positively affects business – it is worth remembering.

R&D ICTGroup

research. development.

As part of its operations, R&D ICTGroup can help your company analytically, methodically and technologically develop a product or idea into a product in the area of the use of information technology.


We specialize in the following areas: health, finance, image processing and broadly defined artificial intelligence. We continuously cooperate with the Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw in the field of scientific and research projects.


Our experts will help you verify whether the idea has a chance to exist on the Polish and global market. Additionally, we can support the creation of a description and methodical development of the business model of the venture so that it is understandable to potential investors. If you want to transform your idea from the idea phase into a well described and verified in terms of project implementation and profitability, please contact us.


• In cooperation with the Warsaw film studio, we have realized their idea of using artificial intelligence in the film distribution process as part of a scientific and research project.
• In cooperation with a research and development unit, we have developed a project of telerehabilitation at the patient’s home using motion sensors with the use of advanced analytical methods (Eng. Artificial Intelligence)
• In cooperation with a scientific research unit, we have developed a project in the field of telemonitoring and tele-care at the patient’s home using IoT and advanced analytical methods (Eng. Artificial Intelligence)
• In cooperation with a research and development unit we have developed a project for the development of ontology of investment projects and its use for the analysis of global databases towards the automation of the investment process assessment using advanced analytical methods (Eng. Artificial Intelligence)



A well-developed and implemented strategy is the key to effective realization of the company’s goals, but to create it, it is necessary to focus your attention on a precise business analysis.


A well-developed and implemented strategy is the key to effective realization of the company’s goals. Our experts will help you develop a strategy according to the best methodologies and practices, in a way that will allow to obtain a comprehensive and positive vision of the future. In cooperation with us, you will define goals that will actually be SMART and will bring benefit not only from the client’s perspective, but also from the financial and development side.

How we work:

  • We set a vision to clearly define what we aspire to.
  • We establish mutual rules of cooperation.
  • We analyze the organization: customer needs, market and competition, processes, use of ICT technology, human potential.
  • We prepare a proposal for goals and measures of success.
  • We approve the strategy.
  • We determine the initiatives that will lead to the updating of the strategy.
  • We launch the initiative.
  • We use systematic reviews and we update the strategy.

Key questions:

  • Who is a customer?
  • What is his need?
  • What value do we deliver to the customer?
  • What benefits do we deliver to the customer?
  • Why will the customer want to buy our product?

“If we put information technology on the mess, it will only create a bigger mess” – M. Kuraś

If you’ve ever looked for the optimal solution for your company, you’ve probably met with suppliers who said their software would solve all your problems. This is not the motto of our action.

Digital transformation is a change in the organization and concerns mainly processes and people along with their competences. IT support should be its last element.

Methodically conducted business analysis is the key to success in any change, including the one that concerns the implementation of IT systems.

That is why our experts will carry out the business analysis of your organization or its part. Thanks to this, they will be able to understand how the work processes operate and in which aspects they require improvement or implementation of information technology.

Through a systematic description of processes that starts with the identification of mega processes, by setting the added value chain, detailed description of individual steps, modeling data flow in recognized methodologies (BPMN, EPC, UML 2.0) and optimization proposal, we will prepare your organization for effective implementation of the change.

Our employees have experience in modeling management information systems, including SOA architecture at the national, regional and company level. Thanks to this experience, we can support your organization in the full process of providing IT systems. We are talking about business case description, identification of collection and management of requirements, designing solutions, including user-oriented (UX) ones, software production management, final acceptance of work results and their implementation. We have experience in effective implementation of agile methodologies (AGILE, SRUM, DevOps) into the daily work of project teams with the support of project and group work management tools such as: JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, MS Project, P2Ware.